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Mutas is the travel assistance of the CM. By paying your CM contribution, you are automatically insured during your holiday abroad. The Mutas emergency call centre helps you day and night by providing you with information, advice and assistance. If necessary, Mutas even organises your repatriation to Belgium.

On this page you can download more information in different languages.

If you have any further questions or if you want more information on particular subjects, you can contact the CM office in your area or let us know with this electronic form.

What costs are reimbursed?

If you fall ill during your holiday or you have an accident, the medical costs abroad are for the most part reimbursed. These also include extra costs for transport, housing and communication. The CM travel assistance is valid for: 

  • urgent medical care that cannot be postponed till you have returned to Belgium;
  • three months, starting from the first day of the care provided abroad. 

The CM travel assistance is not valid when you go abroad to get treatments.

In which countries is CM travel assistance valid?

The CM travel assistance is valid: 

Be aware that the CM travel assistance is not valid in countries in which negative travel advice has been issued at the moment of your departure. You find more information about this on the website www.diplomatie.belgium.be.

What do I take with me on holiday?

  • The Mutas telephone number 0032 2 272 09 00 (in all countries). 
  • If you go on holiday to a country belonging to the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia or Australia, you need to take your European Health Insurance Card with you. This card also mentions the telephone number of the Mutas emergency call centre. The European Health Insurance Card can be requested online via www.cm.be/reisbijstand or in your local CM-office. 
  • If you go on holiday to Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cuba*, Ecuador*, Iran*, Morocco, Montenegro, Russia*, Servia, Tunisia, Turkey and Belarus*, you need to apply for additional documents. Contact your local CM-office for more information about this issue.
    *Only if you are entitled to child benefit.

What to do if I get sick on vacation?

  • Ambulatory costs
    If your expenses are limited to ambulatory costs (for instance a consultation and medicine) in countries in which the CM travel assistance is valid, you must pay the bill at destination.
    You keep the original invoices, receipts and other documents. Once you get back in Belgium, you transmit to CM all evidences with the request form ‘Allowance travel assistance’ so you can be reimbursed.
    In Australia and Tunisia, you submit the invoices at destination, in order to be immediately reimbursed by the health insurance.
    Tip: You can download the request form on www.cm.be/reisbijstand
  • Hospitalisation
    Are you admitted to a hospital in a country in which the CM travel assistance is valid for you? In that case, always contact the Mutas emergency call centre within 48 hours. You will get help right away.
    Be careful: In case you are not able to resume work because of illness or an accident abroad, please notify CM at once. By doing so, you avoid problems with the payment of your incapacity benefits. 
You can reach the Mutas emergency call centre around the clock at the number 0032 2 272 09 00 or online on the website (www.mutas.be). Always carry this number with you on your holiday abroad. Save in onto your cell phone.

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