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Enhanced Reimbursements

People entitled to enhanced reimbursements pay less for their health care. Outside of their health insurance, they enjoy certain benefits, such as discounts on public transport.

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If you have any further questions or if you want more information on particular subjects, you can contact the CM office in your area or let us know with this electronic form.

Who qualifies for enhanced reimbursements?

Your entitlement to enhanced reimbursements depends on your household income.

Automatic entitlement

In certain situations, you are automatically entitled to enhanced reimbursements because you: 

  • are on the guaranteed minimum income benefit or equivalent income support paid by the local public social welfare centre (OCMW or CPAS);
  • are on guaranteed income for the elderly [inkomensgarantie voor ouderen (IGO)] or guaranteed income for the aged [gewaarborgd inkomen voor bejaarden(GIB)];
  • are on an allowance for the disabled;
  • receive supplemented child benefits for medical reasons (4 points in the first pillar);
  • are registered with CM as an unaccompanied foreign minor;
  • are registered with CM as an orphan, under the age of 25. 

Entitlement to supplemented refunds applies to the person intended, his/her partner and their dependents. You do not need to do anything, CM will take care of everything. 

Entitlement to enhanced reimbursements is based on your verified income (via a means test). What if you are not automatically entitled to enhanced reimbursements, but you do have an income that is less than the maximum amount? In that case, you can enter an application. 

To be entitled to supplemented refunds, your gross taxable family income over the past calendar year must be less than 23.303,84 euros, with an extra 4.314,18 euros per additional family member. The current income, however, must not have increased. The entitlement applies to the entire family (= you, your partner and your dependents). Go to www.cm.be/vt for a summary of all persons that determine your family income. Your CM adviser may help you to find the correct combination. 

Exception: certain groups with a fixed income only need to prove their income from the previous month, such as: pensioners, people with survivor’s pension, partially disabled persons, disabled persons, civil servants inactive for at least a year due to sickness, military temporarily exonerated from office for at least for one year due to illness, single parents, persons who have been unfit for work and/or unemployed for one uninterrupted year. In this situation, your gross taxable family income over the past month, after recalculation based on annual income, must be less than 25.291,73 euros, increased by 4.682,19 euros for each additional family member, and the current income must not have increased.

How do I apply for a means test?

  • Step 1
    Apply for supplemented refunds by filling out the CM application form. You can make an appointment for this at your local CM office.
    Which supporting documents should you bring? 
    • Your latest personal income tax assessment. 
    • Payslips. 
    • Account statements of all your pensions (including foreign ones). 
    • Account statements, proof of interest, supplementary pension, proof of occupational accident, proof of occupational disease. 
    • Evidence of payment of group and life insurances, and retirement savings. 
    • Municipal tax assessment specifying the cadastral income. 
    • Proof of movable property (capital, shares ...). 
    • Proof of all other income (payment of unemployment allowance, year-end bonuses, holiday pay, alimony ...). 

Be sure to also bring your electronic identity card and the associated pin code. If you have forgotten your pin code, you can contact the Register Office of your municipality. 

  • Step 2
    Starting from the moment of your application, you have two months to complete the document ‘declaration on honor’ (verklaring op erewoord) and to add any missing documents. 
  • Step 3
    Once all the required documents have been submitted, CM will calculate your total family income and compare this to the upper limit or maximum amount. CM will inform you of the result of their calculations.

What are the benefits?

  • Benefits included in your health insurance 
    • Refund of medical expenses: higher refunds for certain medicines, visits to the doctor, dentist, physiotherapist... You don’t have to do anything. The amount is automatically calculated. 
    • Hospitalisation: a reduced personal share to the costs of your stay. 
    • Mandatory application of third party payment scheme: your doctor will settle the costs directly with CM, so all you need to pay are the patient fees and any supplements. 
    • In most cases entitlement to a yearly maximum sum for health care services: if your medical expenses exceed the maximum amount for that calendar year, all further medical expenses are fully refunded. You don’t have to do anything to arrange this. 
  • Other benefits 
  • A 50% discount on train passes and a discount on De Lijn/MIVB season tickets, as applicable. 
  • Entitlement to social telephone tariff when you are unable to work or over 65. For additional conditions and information, please contact your telecom operator. 
  • In some regions, you are excluded from provincial tax or provincial/municipal charges. 
  • Additional discount for a CM recuperation holiday and holidays with Kazou and Samana. 
  • Higher refunds for therapy sessions with a CM affiliated psychotherapist 
  • Discounts with CM travel assistance Mutas. 
  • Reduced contribution to the Flemish Social Protection scheme (26 euros instead of 52 euros per year) for those entitled to supplemented refunds on 1 January of the previous year. If you are a CM-Zorgkas member, this is done automatically. 
  • Heating allowance if your home is heated with bulk propane gas, domestic fuel oil (in bulk or from the pump) or heating oil from the pump. Apply at the OCMW (www.verwarmingsfonds.be). 
  • A free energy scan with lots of free energy-saving tips, free savings program worth 20 euros, and more… Go to www.energiesnoeiers.net to apply.

The certificate for these benefits can be requested from CM.

More information?

Further details on supplemented refunds are available from www.cm.be/vt

You will also find a list of additional CM benefits for persons entitled to enhanced reimbursements

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