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Pregnancy and birth

Are you pregnant or have you just given birth? Congratulations! CM wishes you a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. However, this is a period that also requires a fair amount of administration, and this information sheet will help you to understand all the paperwork.

On this page you can download more information in different languages.

If you have any further questions or if you want more information on particular subjects, you can contact the CM office in your area or let us know with this electronic form.

What should you do during your pregnancy?

  • The first five months 
    • Tell your employer that you are pregnant as soon as possible. 
  • From the sixth month 
    • Ensure you apply for your ‘start amount’ (formerly known as ‘maternity allowance’ or ‘birth allowance’) on time. You also need to provide your ‘child benefit fund’ with a doctor’s certificate specifying the expected birth date. 
    • Cost for hospitalisation can rise quickly. Are you sufficiently insured for child delivery costs? CM can help you make an overview of expected costs. 
    • Notify CM as soon as you take parental leave or if you need some type of work adjustment (in this case, you will need a medical statement from your gynecologist). 
    • If you are having your first child, apply for a ‘growth package’ (formerly known as ‘child benefit’) from the ‘child benefit fund’. This is done automatically for your second child. 
    • Do you think you will need domestic help after childbirth or you think you will need help taking care of your baby? Make sure you apply well in advance for maternity care with a recognized family care service or additional home-care service. CM can offer an allowance of up to 240 euros.

What should you do after giving birth?

  • Within fifteen days following childbirth, register your baby at the registry office of the town where the birth took place. In some places it is also possible to register your baby at the hospital before being discharged. 
  • Send the birth certificate to the CM office: 
    • your child will be added to your national health insurance, and, potentially, any optional CM insurances; 
    • application to be submitted for parental leave;
    • you will receive CM’s yellow stickers and an ISI+ card for the baby. 
Tip: Make an appointment at the CM office to register your child. To do so, simply visit www.cm.be/afspraken
  • Select your CM baby gift (In dutch) 
  • Approximately two months following your hospital stay, you will receive the hospital bill. Make sure to have it checked by CM before you pay it. We will help you if there are any mistakes in your bill. 

Do you have any specific questions or do you need help to apply for any of the above at CM? Make an appointment at your CM office via www.cm.be/afspraken or contact your local CM office.

CM is always there for you

  • www.cm.be/skoebidoe
    Here you can find information about health, education, administration and the CM services and advantages. Register for free and enjoy exclusive promotions from Thuiszorgwinkel, Dreamland, Dreambaby and other partners. 
  • CM baby gift
    CM is a health insurance provider for young families. After birth, adoption or long-term foster care, you will be offered a unique and valuable gift for your baby. Further details and terms at www.cm.be/skoebidoe
  • CM sunshades
    CM will give you two handy CM sunshades for your car. 
  • Baby equipment on loan
    As a CM member, you can lend a lot of equipment that you need temporarily, such as a breast pump, weighing scales or aerosol-based inhaler, with a discount from a Thuiszorgwinkel. 
  • Baby massage workshop
    Parents are given a free baby massage session. A fun way to strengthen the bond with your baby. 
  • CM insurances*  
    • CM Hospital-plan: Have you subscribed to a CM hospitalisation insurance plan (CM-Hospitalplan, CM Hospitalfix, CM Hospitalfix Extra)? If so, you can also enroll your child, which means it is exempt from premium payments up to and including the second calendar year after the year of birth. 
    • CM MediKo Plan: It is not only when you are hospitalised that you face high medical bills. A visit to the pediatrician, a physiotherapist, spectacle glasses... With CM-MediKo Plan, you can protect your family from high medical expenses. 
  • Patient contribution for children
    Patient contributions for doctor's visits of children aged six and under are fully reimbursed. 
  • Osteopathy
    Do you need to take your baby to an osteopath? Then CM will pay you up to 10 euros per session. For both osteopathy and chiropractic treatment, you will get a maximum refund of 50 euros per person per year. 
  • ‘Peuters in actie’ course
    Exercise and play are important for your child's development. This is why CM offers a free workshop ‘Peuters in actie’ as a gift to you. 
  • Babysitter for sick children
    Is your child sick and you can’t find a babysitter? Then, you can ask CM to find you a reliable babysitter at a favorable price. The Thuisoppas service for chronically ill children or children with a disability, gives parents some time to themselves. 

More information

  • Information about pregnancy, birth, education: www.cm.be/skoebidoe 
  • Information on all the CM services and benefits: www.cm.be/voordelen 
  • Information on CM insurances: www.cm.be/verzekeringen
*CM insurances are provided by MOB verzekeringen CM‐Vlaanderen, insurance company with its registered office in Belgium and approved under code number 150/01 to cover branch 2 'illness'. Company registration number’: 0851.601.503

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