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Welcome to CM. We are happy to help and will provide all the support we can to ensure you receive whatever you are entitled to.

What is a mutual insurance company and what rights do you have?

As a Ukrainian refugee, you have temporary protection in Europe. In Belgium, this means that, by registering with a healthcare insurance fund such as CM, you can access healthcare insurance and gain access to affordable healthcare. 

You can only do so, however, after registering with the Immigration Office in order to receive temporary protection. Make sure you organise registration with the Immigration Office as quickly as possible. 

After registration, CM will pay some of your healthcare costs and ensure you have top-up insurance if you cannot work due to an illness or accident. As a result of your status as a Ukrainian refugee with temporary protection, you are also entitled to a top-up allowance. This means that you will receive benefits over and above the general entitlements. 

As well as the mandatory healthcare insurance (established by law as part of Belgium’s social security system), you can also enrol in the supplementary health insurance scheme run by our mutual health benefit society. In order to qualify you pay a CM fee. Once you have enrolled and paid your contribution fee, you immediately qualify for a range of supplementary benefits such as part payment towards the purchase of glasses or lenses, mental health care, sports activities, the patient charge (remgeld) for child healthcare expenses… For further details, please go to www.cm.be/voordelenwww.cm.be/international (CM Travel assistance).

How can I register with a mutual insurance company?

As a refugee from Ukraine, you can register yourself with CM, but also your children and any other family members who travelled with you.

You just need one of these documents:

  • Certificate of temporary protection from the Immigration Office;
  • Evidence of registration with the Immigration Office, while awaiting a certificate of temporary protection.

Do you have an A-card without a certificate of temporary protection or evidence of registration? You can still register as a 'resident in Belgium', but the conditions are different. The special measures of temporary protection do not apply in this case. 

As a Ukrainian refugee with temporary protection, you cannot register as a dependent of your host family.

Complete the registration form and we will contact you to complete the full registration process.

Registration form

What else can CM do for you?

Our local Social Work (Maatschappelijk Werk) services are there to support you when you need:

  • administrative support when calling on social rights/entitlements in the case of: 
    • disability (VAPH or Flemish Disabled Persons Agency, integrated youth welfare services, care supplement for children with specific support needs, etc.);
    • diminished self-reliance;
  • emotional support; 
  • ergotherapeutic advice on expedients and home adjustments;
  • solutions for care situations as part of the existing home care offering (examples include home nursing, family care services, volunteer companionship services for frail and bedridden family members, etc.). 

The target group for whom the latter services are intended are chiefly people who are chronically ill, elderly people in need of care, disabled persons and their family caregivers/home carers (the latter can also include host families). This support is available to and for people of all ages.