Dementia contact point

Do you have the impression that no care providers have yet been called in for a patient with dementia? Does a patient or informal caregiver ask for additional help and support? Or do you experience the need for a permanent supervisor?

Then you can contact the dementia contact point, a collaborative initiative of the Social Work services of the health insurance funds.

The contact point is an accessible reporting point for healthcare and care providers such as general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists, nurses, caregivers and social services.

Support for the patient

The social worker, who is trained as a dementia expert basic care provider :

  • determines whether there is a need for specialized (home) care or shelter ;
  • provides information and administrative support ;
  • provides long-term guidance if necessary.

The informal caregiver is also not forgotten.


The dementia contact point is exclusively aimed at professional care providers .

It can be reached via:

The Social Work department will contact the patient or informal caregiver within a week to propose a free home visit . During the home visit, it is examined how CM can support the person concerned.

If you wish, the social worker will inform you about the results of the home visit.

Important :

  • The dementia contact point is part of the 'Flemish transition plan for basic dementia care in the natural home environment' that Minister Vandeurzen proposed in 2014. The plan aims to enable people with dementia and their informal caregivers to function independently for as long as possible and to improve their quality of life .
  • Family members and informal caregivers of people with dementia can contact the Social Work department directly or a regional Dementia Expertise Center.