The structure of CM

CM Vlaanderen, CM for short, is part of the CM-MC group together with MC.

The CM-MC group is the group of entities that are responsible for the daily operation of CM, among others.

In addition, CM is legally part of the Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten (LCM - National Association of Christian Mutualities), which covers two regional health funds:

  • CM Flanders (CM)
  • Mutualité Chrétienne Francophone et Germanophone (MC)

The management team of the CM-MC group is led by the national chairman, Luc Van Gorp.

Management CM-MC

ChairLuc Van Gorp
Vice President-
TreasurerNiko Pinkhof
General Manager Group ServicesKathleen Desmedt
General Manager Federal Compulsory Health InsuranceIngrid Fleurquin
General Manager CM FlandersBart De Ruysscher
General Manager MCAlexandre Verhamme

Management of CM Flanders

General managerBart De Ruysscher
Director of Business Development and InnovationSteven Hermans
Director CM InsuranceWim Henkens
Director of Services and AssistanceKris Vanden Avijle
Director of Financial Management & Heritage, General Management, Organization and HRHilde DeWolf
Director of Health, Wellbeing and ParticipationAnn Baeyens

The statutory bodies

The three legal entities LCM, CM and MC each have a general meeting and a board of directors .

  • Chairman LCM: Luc Van Gorp
  • Chairman CM: Wouter Degrève
  • Chairman MC: Claude Rolin


Order of a general meeting

The general meeting is the highest statutory governing body. It is elected every six years and meets at least once a year.

  • Approves accounts and budget.
  • Launches new national/regional initiatives.
  • Decides on the amendment of the articles of association, on the proposal of the board of directors.
  • Elects the members of the board of directors.
  • Appoints company auditors.
  • Has a signaling and guiding role in the field of health and disability insurance (federal, regional).
  • Approves cooperation agreements with non-profit organizations.


Mission of a board of directors (governing body)

The board of directors is a statutory governing body that is elected every six years and meets at least four times a year.

  • Discusses accounts and budget.
  • Performs policy preparation work for the general meeting.
  • Approves the creation of new services (federal, regional).
  • Prepares the report on cooperation agreements with the non-profit organizations and MOBs.


CM Flanders also has the following mutual assistance societies (MOB), each with their own statutory bodies:

  • MOB Insurance CM Flanders (optional insurance)
  • MOB CM-Zorgkas Flanders (health insurance)


Correspondence Address

For LCM & CM Flanders:

  • Aeropolis, Haachtsesteenweg 579, 1031 Brussels - Schaarbeek