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Contributions and premiums

As a CM member you pay the CM contribution; If you are also affiliated with CM insurance, you pay a premium for this.

CM - jouw gezondheidsfonds

CM contribution

Good news: the CM membership contribution will not become more expensive in 2024! In 2024, the contribution for beneficiaries will also be 9.43 euros per month* . Children and dependents do not pay a contribution.

You enjoy CM services and benefits that suit your situation, whether you are young or have already gained some life experience.

  • For example, consider reimbursements of up to 1,050 euros for orthodontics and dental prostheses , up to 720 euros for psychological care , up to 50 euros for chiropractic and osteopathy and advantageous prices for Kazou holidays .
  • Do you want to take charge of your health and monitor it yourself? CM will reimburse up to 20 euros for medical apps .
  • You also benefit from favorable lending rates and a 35 percent discount on home care aids at Goed .
  • And that's not all. Curious about all the services and benefits of CM? View them at www.cm.be/voordelen . You can rely on it if you are in order with the payment of the CM contribution .

Do you pay by direct debit ? The amount will then be deducted from your account by BE79 7805 8592 0833. Do you pay by transfer ? You will then receive a payment invitation to deposit to BE79 7805 8592 0833.

Frequently asked questions about the CM contribution

CM insurance premiums

With an extra premium you can subscribe to additional CM insurance.

  • CM-MediKo Plan
    With CM-MediKo Plan you can count on extra reimbursements and you are protected against high medical costs outside the hospital. The premium is determined based on your age.
  • CM Hospital Plan
    As a CM member you can join CM-Hospitaalplan , CM's cost-covering hospitalization insurance. It guarantees a significant reimbursement of your hospitalization costs at a family-friendly premium .
  • CM-Hospitaalfix and CM-Hospitaalfix Extra
    As a CM member you can also sign up for CM-Hospitaalfix and Fix Extra . Both guarantee reimbursement per hospitalization day. The premium depends on your age.

Other contributions and premiums

  • Financial responsibility
    If the health care budget is exceeded, health insurance funds must help make up the shortfall by asking their members to contribute to financial responsibility . In 2023, CM members do not have to pay this contribution.
  • Compulsory health insurance
    Some people have to pay a statutory contribution to maintain health insurance. This contribution varies depending on the situation.
  • CM-Zorgkas
    CM-Zorgkas puts Flemish social protection into practice. To finance the system, all residents of Flanders over the age of 25 must pay an annual health insurance premium .

Overview bank accounts

  • Contribution
    BE79 7805 8592 0833
  • Insurances
    BE02 0688 9385 6340
  • Zorgkas
    BE72 7775 9420 6316