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Sweet Dreams

Droomzacht is an educational package for the second and third kindergarten classes, in which a healthy sleeping pattern within a healthy lifestyle is central.

Droomzacht takes toddlers on a fascinating journey of discovery through the wonderful world of sleep. This educational package highlights the importance of sleep in a playful, educational way and is specially designed to be used in the classroom. Thanks to the supporting material, you can work on this theme both at school and at home.

What is it?

Droomzacht is a didactic package that consists of a teacher's manual and supporting material .

Teacher's Guide

  • Explanation
  • Background information about sleep
    • Activity bundle with 50 ready-made assignment sheets, divided over 5 themes.
      10 written assignment sheets per theme: each assignment sheet contains the learning objectives, the duration of the activity, the requirements, an overview of the progress and tips. You can get started immediately with this.
  • 1 story picture per theme: you can use this to introduce the sub-theme. Each storyboard contains a story that you can read aloud in class. In addition to the story, you can find questions to stimulate the class discussion around the theme. The story is depicted on the other side of the story board.


Support material for teachers and parents (available from September)

  • Dream soft game with accompanying pawns
  • Storytelling pictures with accompanying craft materials to make the story come to life
  • Finger puppets
  • Bookbag notes for parents
  • Structure cards
  • Sleep diary
  • Sticker card
  • Babysitting note
  • Activity book

For who is it?

Preschoolers from the second and third kindergarten classes .

Cost price

The educational package is available digitally for free .

To order

You can order the educational package via this form .