Report a change of address or account number

You can quickly and easily report a change of address or new account number via these steps.

Address change

An address change is done via the ProGezondheid web application . The Riziv ensures the adjustments in its systems and provides new reference files to the health insurance funds every week.

There are two types of addresses.

  • The Riziv address: address that Riziv uses to communicate with you.
  • A work address: address where you work (your office, a hospital, etc.). A work address can differ from a Riziv address or be the same. As a healthcare provider you can provide multiple work addresses to the Riziv.

In principle, CM sends correspondence to your Riziv address. If you prefer a different address, you can provide the health insurance fund of your region with a correspondence address (in Belgium) of your choice.

You can provide your email address via this form After we have registered this email address, you will receive a message to confirm this email address.

Account number

CM pays many services directly to healthcare providers (third-party payer, care processes, (e)GMD, etc.). It is possible to provide different account numbers for this purpose.

How you can provide or change an account number depends on the type of transaction or provision.

  • Paper third party payer or electronic third party payer (eFact)
    It is sufficient to state the account number on the summary statement (paper third-party payer) or invoicing file (electronic third-party payer). This also applies to a new account number. For smooth handling of your electronic invoicing, it is important to record the IBAN format as follows: BExxxxxxxxxxxxxx (two capital letters followed by fourteen numbers without spaces or dividing characters).
  • Care processes
    State the (new) account number in the contract. You can only provide one account number for all your care processes.
  • (e)GMD
    Pass on the new account number to the health insurance fund of your region. For a correct tax form:
    • Be sure to also notify the Riziv via ProGezondheid ;
    • Please inform both CM and the Riziv whether the account number is linked to your Riziv number or a KBO number (in this case also mention the KBO number).