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Official registration of newborn

The hospital can submit an application to CM to officially register a newborn child as a dependent.

An official registration is started if a newborn child has not yet been registered with a health insurance fund after 45 days. The hospital can then submit an application to the mother's health insurance fund to register the child as a dependent.

This concerns a request for examination of an official registration. CM will check whether all conditions have been met. If not, the official registration cannot take place.

You do not need to apply if:

  • the newborn child is already registered with a health insurance fund;
  • a system other than the ZIV is competent for the child's medical care (e.g. OSZ);
  • it concerns an abandoned child;
  • it concerns a surrogate mother;
  • the child will be adopted;
  • the child is placed through legal proceedings;
  • the mother is temporarily staying in Belgium;
  • the mother lives in Belgium but is not entitled to ZIV;
  • the mother is dependent on another system for her medical care (e.g. another country).

How do you submit the application for official registration?

Send the completed document to CM by uploading it into the form below.

For a smooth and correct handling, we ask for some additional information. Please have one file per request.

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