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Diabetes Convention

The diabetes convention is an agreement between the patient and the Riziv.

In addition to providing extra guidance for a certain group of patients, the diabetes convention also includes a (partial) reimbursement of the material.

What is the goal?

In this agreement, diabetes patients learn to deal with diabetes , its treatment and the necessary diet. In addition to the finger prick test, the option to measure glycemia via sensor measurement has been included since July 1, 2016.

  • Thanks to the new measuring equipment, patients no longer have to take a test to determine their glycemia.
    • They stick a thick, round, gel-like patch (sensor) on their upper arm with a small needle in the middle that goes to the subcutaneous fluid.
    • A measuring device that they hold a few centimeters from the sensor shows the glycemia value together with a trend indicator.
    • The patches last an average of fourteen days .
  • The system is comfortable and offers more options because the trend in the measurements is visible. It has amply proven its accuracy .

You can read the full contents of this agreement here.

Daily rates

  • In the new convention , daily lump sums are invoiced to the VI and no longer monthly lump sums as in the previous convention. Patients are divided into groups A, B or C.
    • Patients from group A do not pay a supplement.
    • Patients from group B pay 2.52 euros per day.
    • Patients from group C pay 3.49 euros per day.
  • The supplements may only be charged to patients in groups B and C if they opted for the new measurement method .
  • If a patient loses the material, he can buy it himself in the conventional center of a hospital at a public price of 59.90 euros.
  • More information about the conditions and reimbursement of sensors for people with diabetes can be found at

For who is it?

  • The entitled parties for this agreement are all diabetes mellitus patients:
    • with two or more insulin administrations per 24 hours;
    • or one insulin administration in combination with other injectable glucose-lowering agents per 24 hours.
  • The treatment of other diabetics will be taken care of exclusively through the care processes .
  • The convention only applies to people who have a global medical file . Whether a patient belongs to group A, B or C does not matter.
  • The convention only applies to adults (minimum age 16 years).

Requests for approval

The following documents are necessary:

  • statement from the patient with the commitment to follow the prescribed multidisciplinary care program;
  • medical prescription, signed by the responsible doctor or by an endocrino-diabetologist from the diabetes team.

CM's consulting physician gives an approval for a maximum of one year.

All forms can be found on the Riziv website.


Codes of the daily rates that may be invoiced:

 Finger prick testSensor measurement
Group A788756788771
Group B788793788815
Group C788830788852

Diabetes Convention for Children

The Diabetes Convention for Children came into effect on August 1, 2016 .

It largely follows the principles of the diabetes convention for adults, but has its own provisions for a number of matters (e.g. rates, groups). All information can be found on the Riziv website.