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Midwives: billing and regulations

This section contains information for midwives about the regulations and the system for electronically submitting third-party payer invoices.

As a midwife, do you have questions about payments under the third-party payment scheme? Or about electronic invoicing? For more information, please contact the CM team in your region.

Electronic invoicing

The electronic invoicing of your services in the third-party payment scheme can be done easily and securely via MyCarenet .

The third-party payment arrangement means that you send your invoices directly to CM , who then pays the reimbursement from your health insurance to you. This way, your patient does not have to advance this amount and only pays the co-payment.

What are the advantages?

Forwarding invoices electronically in the third-party payment scheme offers many advantages:

  • no longer need paper certificates;
  • fast processing: automatic calculations, easy forwarding of invoicing;
  • fast payment;
  • fewer errors through automated processes and controls;
  • safe: approved software, MyCareNet secure circuit;
  • telematics premium.


Your electronic invoicing is sent via MyCarenet and processed in CM's Refac circuit.

After processing, you will receive a payment file with which you can increase the quality of your invoicing if necessary. Specifically, any errors in your billing are automatically rejected and sent via a rejection file. This way you can correct and resend via your software at the next invoicing.

In principle, you send your invoice to CM once a month (with '000' in ET10 Z13). If you invoice more than once a month, you must enter '050' in ET10 Z13.

For electronic invoicing you need software that has been approved by the NIC .

Term of payment

The payment term for electronic invoicing is a maximum of fifteen days.

Unique Contact Point

Your Unique Contact Point (UCP) is determined by your zip code , as registered with the Riziv. To know your UCP, you can consult this file . Is there '126-135' next to your zip code? 126 (CM Sint-Michielsbond) is for Dutch-speaking midwives; 135 (MC Saint-Michel) for French-speaking midwives.

You will find the contact details of your UCP here.

Telematics premium

If you invoice electronically and meet the conditions , you are entitled to a telematics premium. More information can be found on the Riziv website.

Extra information

View the presentation about electronic invoicing.


The Riziv website contains a lot of information that midwives need in the practice of their profession.

Overview of nomenclature codes

In this handy overview you will find the nomenclature codes that apply to midwives. The table is only an aid and does not replace the authentic texts.

The source for these nomenclature codes is the appendix to the Royal Decree of 14 September 1984 and its successive amendments as published in the Belgian Official Gazette. See also