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Active wound dressings - healthcare providers

Home-care patients with chronic wounds receive a 20 percent reimbursement of the cost of active wound dressings.


The reimbursement is part of the specific protection measures for the chronically ill.

  • You as a prescriber must demonstrate that treatment with active dressings is necessary. That is why you keep the documents that prove this in the patient's file.
  • When requested, you make them available to the consulting physician and to the medical evaluation and control service.
  • The amount charged to the patient counts as a personal share for the maximum bill (MAF).
  • The reimbursement does not apply to patients admitted to hospital or a psychiatric care home.

What are the conditions?

  • The patient has a chronic wound :
    • it is a well-defined wound as published in the Belgian Official Gazette:
      • arterial ulcer;
      • venous ulcer;
      • diabetic ulcer;
      • pressure ulcer of stage II, III or IV;
      • neuropathic ulcer (in non-diabetics);
      • ulcers due to vasculitis;
      • hydradenitis suppurativa;
      • oncological wounds;
      • post-surgical wounds;
      • burns;
      • junctional or dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa;
      • chronic ulcer not mentioned above, for which active dressings are the only therapeutic alternative, confirmed by a physician specialist in dermato-venereology, after a diagnostic examination.
    • the wound has not healed sufficiently after six weeks of treatment.
  • The material is eligible for a refund.

What is the procedure?

Application and approval

  • The treating physician provides an application form to CM's advising physician.
  • The approval is valid for a maximum of three months and can be renewed three times.
  • After one year of treatment, approval can be renewed every three months (or for a maximum of one year in the case of junctional or dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa). This must be requested by a specialist doctor.

Awarding reimbursement

When purchasing an active dressing, the pharmacist will immediately settle this upon presentation of:

  • the electronic identity card or ISI+ card;
  • a prescription;
  • the approval.