Physiotherapy: written report

The written report concerns the implementation of the treatment and the results achieved.

The application rules of the written report are in art. 7, §3 bis, 1° and §5 of the nomenclature.


The report contains:

  • the condition treated with reference to the prescription;
  • a synthesis of the physiotherapy research, drawn up at the start of the treatment;
  • a summary of the treatment performed and the patient's evolution;
  • if applicable: the advice for secondary prevention and the recommended home program that you gave to the patient.

Always keep a copy of the report in your file .

Time of day

Provide the written report to the prescribing physician :

  • at the end of a treatment F-acute;
  • at least once per calendar year for treatment of a F-chronic or serious condition;
  • if this doctor requests it via a medical prescription.

Refund Conditions

No prescription is required for a written report. You can certify it together with a hearing, both at the first hearing and at another hearing.

A written report can be charged and reimbursed :

In certain cases, the written report is non-refundable and you may not charge the patient for it.

Personal share

There is a fixed personal share for physiotherapy services. More information can be found on the RIZIV website .