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Payment letter

If you send an invoice to CM, you will in some cases receive a payment letter.

You will receive the payment letter if you provided an invoice to CM via a third-party payment scheme (on paper or via eFact) or when invoicing the eGMD.

To avoid unnecessary paper communication, payment letters are only sent if they have an informative added value for you.

If the payment references are the same as those on the account statement, you will not receive a payment letter. This applies to both eFact and eGMD payments. In this case, the payment slip does not contain any additional information.

When administratively extending a GMD, you will receive a payment letter because no invoice was sent to CM.

The one-off annual extension of a GMD (or additional payments of the increased fee for eligible patients) are also explained as before.

You will also receive a payment letter if you combine a paper invoice with a third party payer and an eGMD.

 Payment letter?
Payment letter with only information about eGMDNo
Payment letter with only information about eFactNo
All other situations (third-party payer paper, including combination with eGMD)Yes

More information? Contact your UCP .

Frequently Asked Questions

General information

    An invoice or billing file submitted by you consists of one or more individual invoices, drawn up per patient. A payment letter can contain different types of invoicing or regularization (third party payer, eGMD, etc.). In the first part you get an overview of all invoices that are part of the payment.

    The information below is provided for paper invoicing with a third-party payment arrangement .

    Example: invoice 110-12345 for an amount of 374.32 euros

    Your Reference110-12345
    Reference M38153099405
    Payment amount374.32
    Amount pending24.48
    • Your reference: number of the CM health insurance fund that received and processed your paper invoicing, followed by the reference of the invoicing that you stated on the summary statement that you sent to CM. You will also find this statement in the summary table at the top of the payment slip.
    • Reference M38: CM accounting reference. This number is useful when contacting CM. The third number is always '3' when invoicing the third-party payment arrangement on paper.
    • Payment amount: accepted amount after an initial check by our control systems. It corresponds to the amount of your billing if there is no rejected or pending amount.
    • Amount pending: amount being checked by CM. Depending on the results of the checks, it may be paid with a subsequent payment.

    No, regularizations are still possible.

    If you have any questions about the payment letter or about payments and regularizations, you can contact your Unique Contact Point (UCP). If you have technical questions about your software, contact your software supplier.

    You will receive the payment letters electronically if you invoice via your Riziv number and if CM has your confirmed email address. This email address can be used in accordance with GDPR requirements to handle administration via email where possible. You can register your email address via the 'Registration email address of healthcare providers' page .

    KBO number and Riziv number

      A payment letter groups all amounts that must be paid to a healthcare provider at a specific time into a specific bank account. So there is one payment slip per bank account. Invoices with your Riziv number cannot be grouped with invoices with your KBO number.

      If you want your eGMDs to be processed for tax purposes with your KBO number (or vice versa), you must report this to the Riziv .

      Bank account

        A payment letter groups all amounts that must be paid to a provider at a specific time into a specific bank account. What is invoiced via bank account X cannot therefore be grouped with what is invoiced via bank account Y.

        The reference on the transfer is in the introduction of the payment letter (if it is sent) and corresponds to the references of the invoices. If the number of invoices is too large, the transfer reference will only contain the references of the first invoices (limited to 140 characters).

        General practitioners pass on their new account number to their Unique Contact Point (UCP) . Other healthcare providers deliver it to CM in their region.

        The Riziv must also be notified for the eGMD .

        Tax sheet

          The tax form that CM draws up shows the amounts that CM paid you without you drawing up an invoice:

          CM does not create a tax form for payments based on an invoice that you have drawn up (eFact, third party payment arrangement on paper, etc.).
          The date of payment determines that it concerns income for that year.