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Physiotherapy: palliative home patient

Treatments for a palliative home patient that you carry out at the patient's home are fully reimbursed.

You must use specific provision codes for treatment for a palliative home patient. The application rules are in art. 7, §14 bis of the nomenclature.

Who is a palliative home patient?

A palliative home patient:

If these conditions are met, the nomenclature for palliative physiotherapy is applied until the patient's death . The regulations do not mention any exceptions .

The concept of 'home' can be the patient's home , the home of a family member or a house where the patient spends his holidays . A communal residence or residence (e.g. a rest home) does not fall under this heading.

If the hearings take place elsewhere, you must charge for the benefits in kind using the codes from the other corresponding categories .

Request or notification?

No application or notification is required for the billing of palliative care sessions.

Maximum number and nomenclature

You must charge for each session at home with a palliative patient with the provision 564211 or 564233 . This is true for:

No maximum has been set, other than the general rule of one session per day .

You can only charge for a second palliative session per day (564233) if the patient simultaneously has a serious condition and if the conditions of the nomenclature are met.

Personal share

There is a fixed personal share for physiotherapy services. More information can be found on the RIZIV website.