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Fixed allowance palliative care

Because chronically ill people have high expenses, there are various fixed allowances that they can accumulate, including for palliative care.

The palliative care fixed allowance:

  • is a reimbursement of the costs for medication, care and aids required for home care of palliative patients;
  • is not linked to a co-payment condition;
  • amounts to EUR 801,23 from 1 January 2024;
  • is awarded for one month;
  • can be combined with the healthcare fixed allowance, PVS fixed allowance and incontinence fixed allowance.

Patients who qualify for the palliative fixed allowance are also entitled to full reimbursement of the co-payment for home visits by the general practitioner, physiotherapist and home nurse.
Palliative patients who do not qualify for the fixed allowance also receive an exemption from co-payments in some cases.

Your doctor will provide you with a form

The GP sends an application form to the CM's advising doctor. CM must receive this form before the date of death.

You will receive your refund

CM will make the reimbursement immediately after notification to the consulting physician.


  • There is no right to the palliative fixed allowance sum when staying in a care facility for which the health insurance provides reimbursement (see 'conditions').
  • The fixed allowance can be awarded a second time if the patient continues to meet the conditions after the first thirty days.
  • The amount remains fully acquired, even if the patient dies within thirty days.