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Sami the bear

With Sami the bear, toddlers come into contact with care and with Samana in a playful way.

Sami the bear is a teaching package that was put together by Samana to introduce preschoolers to different aspects of being sick and caring for them.

During the project, volunteers from Samana can also come by to let the children discover Samana .

What's in the package?

  • Reading stories : a bundle with two stories, with nice drawings that illustrate the story.
  • Enlarged illustrations from the reading stories that can be shown during reading.
  • A workbook for the first and second kindergarten class and a workbook for the last kindergarten class, consisting of:
    • a drawing of Sami for coloring;
    • fun work exercises at toddler level;
    • an explanation of how Samana works, addressed to the parents and grandparents.
  • Sami the bear : a big stuffed bear, wearing a T-shirt with Samana's logo.
  • A toy doctor's set and bandages, with which toddlers can take care of Sami.
  • A banner (120 x 60) with Sami the bear and the Samana logo and the sentence: 'Sami from Samana is visiting here.'
  • A bear suit : to dress up in Sami, for a real meet-and-greet with a life-sized Sami.
  • Two types of drawings to color in, also available separately.

All material is practically stored in a curver box and a sturdy tube for the banner.

Lending is done in consultation with the local Samana chapter or the Samana secretariat. Samana volunteers are happy to drop by to help where possible. This is done in consultation with the teacher.

For whom?

For children from the first to the third kindergarten .


The material can be borrowed free of charge from Samana: [email protected] .