Ben the Beaver: song and other material

An icon like Ben de Bever needs his own anthem. Discover the Ben the Beaver song and other material.

Ben the Beaver song

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The song informs children about good oral hygiene in a playful way. And it just makes brushing your teeth much more fun. Parents can use it to motivate their children.

The song is two minutes long, just the time they need to brush their teeth.

Also put on the Ben the Beaver song during brushing moments or oral hygiene activities in the classroom.

In this fun video, children explain what good oral hygiene means. They also show the difficulties and immediately show possible solutions.

It is important that children can identify with the model in the video. This gives them the opportunity to compare themselves with other children and evaluate their own opinion of good oral hygiene.

Teeth brushing card

With this cool tooth brushing card you motivate your children to brush their teeth daily. Each cleaning is indicated on the card.

Many missed cleanings? Discuss this with your child and look for a solution that works, together.

Membership card

Ben the Beaver and his mates together form the Beaverbende. All children can join the Beaverbende.

To become a member, your child must promise to adhere to the Beaverbende code:

  • brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes;
  • replace the toothbrush every three months;
  • going to the dentist twice a year;
  • pursuing tooth-friendly dietary habits;
  • encourage other classmates and friends to also keep these promises.

Download your membership card