Third party payment scheme: what are the rates?

The co-payment varies depending on the patient's situation.

It is important to always check the correct rate (eTAR) .

If you invoice electronically, your software package often automatically shows which rates and co-payments should be charged.

Consultations with general practitioners


 With raised
Without increased
Patient without global medical record (GMD)1.50 euros6 euros
Doctor does not have access to the GMD1.50 euros6 euros
Doctor has access to the GMD1 euro4 euros
Amounts valid since December 1, 2011

Consultations with medical specialists

The co-payment is identical for all specialties :

For a medical specialist in training, the co-payment amounts to:

On-call consultations

For consultations during on-call shifts, you can also enter your invoices electronically in the third-party payment scheme.

This applies to all situations in on-call duty (on weekdays, at weekends, in the guard post itself or in the cabinet) or as part of an organized on-call duty .

Home visits

There is no uniform co-payment for home visits.

You can consult the rates via the calculation module on our site .

Maximum invoice ceiling has been reached

If your patient has reached the ceiling for the maximum bill (MAF), you continue to ask for the co-payment . So you cannot invoice CM for the full fee. The co-payment will be automatically refunded to your patient.

Don't forget to indicate that you have collected the co-payment. This can be done via:

  • your software package if you invoice electronically;
  • the box 'KB 15.07.2002' of the certificate for assistance provided if you invoice on paper.