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Supplemented refunds

People with a low income are entitled to supplemented refunds. With supplemented refunds, they pay less for health care and receive other financial benefits.

What are the benefits?

  • Reimbursement of medical expenses
    You pay less co-payment for healthcare expenses. This applies to some medicines, when visiting the doctor, dentist, physiotherapist or other healthcare provider and when admitted to hospital. Rates for frequently occurring services.
  • Third party paying arrangement
    The paying third party scheme applies to consultations with your GP. This means you only have to pay the co-payment. The remainder of the fee is settled directly between the doctor and CM.
  • Hospitalization
    Lower personal share of accommodation costs.
  • Maximum invoice
    Lower ceiling amount for the healthcare costs that you have to pay annually. As soon as your costs reach a limit during a calendar year, you will automatically receive a full refund for subsequent services.
  • Recovery stay
    Higher reimbursement for a stay in a recovery home.
  • Psychotherapy
    Higher reimbursement of psychological care.
  • Travel assistance
    Lower deductible for urgent medical costs during holiday abroad.
  • Youth holidays
    Extra discount for youth holidays with Kazou.
  • Samana
    Extra discount for holidays and courses for chronically ill people.
  • Health promotion
    Discount for information sessions and courses on health.
  • Other CM benefits
    There are plenty of CM services and benefits where you have an extra advantage with supplemented refunds.

Use the simulation tool

Do you want to know whether you are entitled to supplemented refunds? You can use the simulation tool to see if you qualify. The simulation tool does not make an official calculation, but only gives you an indication.

Apply for supplemented refunds

  • Do you meet the conditions ? Then you don't have to do anything. CM automatically awards you supplemented refunds and provides you with new yellow stickers with an adjusted code.
  • Do you have a low income and do you not receive it automatically? If you think you qualify, you can apply at the CM office. Make an appointment for this.
  • Has your situation (income) changed ? For example, have you retired? Or do you receive disability compensation that makes you eligible for supplemented refunds? CM will then contact you.

Complete the application form

You complete an application form together with the CM consultant. You then have two months to submit these documents :

  • a declaration of honor from yourself and all family members about the income;
  • all supporting documents proving the income.

Bring as many proofs of income as possible (see income) to the appointment with the CM consultant.

Provide the documents

Have you brought in all the documents? CM will then examine your application and inform you of the decision. If you receive supplemented refunds, CM will provide you with new yellow stickers with an adjusted code.

What are the conditions?

Whether you are entitled to the supplemented refunds depends on your situation:

These benefits entitle you to the increased allowance:

  • living wage or equivalent support from the OCMW for three full and uninterrupted months;
  • income guarantee for the elderly (IGO) or guaranteed income for the elderly;
  • allowance for persons with disabilities :
    • integration allowance;
    • or income replacement allowance;
    • or care budget for elderly people with a care need;
  • allowance for children with a disability or condition with a recognition of at least 66 % disability or four points on the first pillar of the medical-social scale.

These qualities entitle you to supplemented refunds:

  • orphan;
  • unaccompanied minor alien.

By default, the gross taxable family income of the previous year is taken into account. For applications in 2024, this will be with the income of 2023. This must be lower than 25.630,67 euros, increased by 4.744,94 euros per additional family member (you can read who is considered a family member on the page about income).

Exceptions to this rule are the following persons, provided they have a stable income:

  • retirees;
  • disabled people;
  • persons receiving a survivor's pension;
  • persons receiving disability benefits;
  • civil servants on disability whose illness period is at least three months;
  • military personnel who have been temporarily relieved of duty for at least three months due to illness;
  • single-parent families, under certain conditions also in the case of co-parenting;
  • persons who have been continuously incapacitated for work or completely unemployed for at least three months, or a combination of both;
  • self-employed persons in classic bridging law (not Covid bridging law) for at least one quarter. At the time of the application, the self-employed person must still benefit from the bridging right.

Do you belong to one of these groups? Then the calculation takes place:

  • either on the basis of the gross taxable family income of the previous year (see standard calculation above);
  • or based on the gross taxable monthly income of the family (you can read more about this calculation on the income page).

The calculation that is most advantageous for you will be taken into account.

When calculating based on the monthly income, your income must be lower than 27.011,00 euros per year, increased by 5.000,48 euros per additional family member (amounts valid since January 1, 2024).

Do you have a question about supplemented refunds? Find the answer to the frequently asked questions.