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Hospitals: legislation and regulations

Interesting information for hospitals about changes in legislation and regulations.

Chronic dialysis

For hospitals with a recognized dialysis center, there is an agreement that regulates the flat rates for the hospitals and patients and also the fees for the doctors. read more

Diabetes Convention

The diabetes convention is an agreement between the patient and the Riziv and provides extra guidance and (partial) reimbursement of the materials for a certain group of patients.

Physiotherapy or physiotherapy sessions on the same day

It is possible that a patient has a physiotherapy, rehabilitation or physiotherapy session in the hospital , and another session with his regular physiotherapist outside the hospital the same day .

This can cause problems, because in certain cases the second session is not reimbursed , even if it concerns the treatment of another condition.

To avoid unpleasant situations for the patient and the hospital, it is better to spread the treatments over several days.

We therefore offer you this poster to hang in the waiting room . Don't hesitate to print them and add your logo.


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Useful links for hospitals

Ex officio registration of newborn

If a newborn child is not yet registered with a health insurance fund after 45 days , the hospital can submit an application to the mother's health insurance fund to officially register the child as a dependent.

More information and the application form can be found at Ex officio registration of newborn.