What to do in case of divorce?

CM is automatically notified of an actual or legal separation. What if practical arrangements need to be made?

It is best to contact the CM consultant in your area to address some practical matters. The questions below may then be addressed.

Who will depend on the children and what about their medical expenses?

Who your children will be dependent on varies depending on the situation. Therefore, please contact CM to arrange your registration.

All reimbursements for medical expenses and additional CM benefits are transferred to the account of the parent whose dependent children are. Unless an account number was provided for the child itself, under strict conditions.

Do not forget to provide us with your new account number if it has changed.

Can spouses remain registered as dependents?

    If one of the spouses is registered as a dependent, he/she can remain dependent provided that he/she:

    • is responsible for the maintenance of a child who is considered a dependent;
    • receives maintenance money (either by judicial decision, notarial deed or private deed deposited with the court registry);
    • can collect sums owed to his/her spouse;
    • receives part of the pension granted to his/her spouse.

    If one of the partners is registered as a dependent, he or she can no longer remain dependent on the ex-spouse. CM will investigate how he/she can best be registered.

    Does the divorce affect the sickness or disability benefit?

    A divorce also has consequences if one of the partners receives sickness or disability benefits. After all, the changed family composition affects the amount of the benefit.

    Do you receive sickness or disability benefits at the time of the divorce? Please contact CM as soon as possible to arrange your file.

    Does the right to the increased compensation continue to apply?

    Are you and your family members entitled to the increased compensation? Then this right must be reconsidered by CM .