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What to do when adopting?

From the first meeting with your child to help with the practical arrangements for adoption: CM is happy to assist you.

You recently became a parent (again), a milestone in a human life. A crazy ride where, as always, you can count on CM for practical information and financial help.

In our brochure 'Pregnancy, birth and maternity' you will find more information about adoption leave.

Register your child

After registration in the population or alien register of your municipality, you also go to CM to register the child there. Be sure to bring the extract from the population register.

CM will provide you with yellow stickers and an ISI+ card if the child is younger than twelve years old.

Did you know that CM has its own children's service? Skoebidoe guides you in a fun way through the different phases of your child's growth process.

Other CM benefits for young children and their parents include:

Apply for adoption leave

Adoptive parents of a minor child (both employees and self-employed) are both entitled to 6 weeks of adoption leave. This leave must be taken in a consecutive period.

Questions parents ask themselves

Parenting: often fun, sometimes overwhelming. Fortunately, CM offers an answer to the questions you have as a parent.