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Everything keeps getting more expensive, except CM's insurance. With us you get the same good care for the same good price. With CM-Hospitaalplan and CM-MediKo Plan you will not be faced with unexpected medical costs.

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Would you like to join CM insurance, submit your medical costs, or get an answer to your questions? You can reach us in any way you feel comfortable with. We also made requesting refunds as easy as possible. For CM-Hospitaalplan you can even submit your medical costs online, whenever you want.

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Have you received your hospital bill? Take them by the hand and start filing the tax return.

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Your insurance premium depends on your age and your dependents. The younger, the less you pay.

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Frequently asked questions

No, everyone is welcome! No matter how old you are, what your state of health is or what medical history you have, you can always take out CM insurance. We also reimburse the costs of an illness or condition that you already have when you take out CM insurance.

  • The date of birth or adoption serves as the connection date
  • There is an immediate right to a refund because there is no waiting period
  • The 'pre-existing condition' guarantee does not apply
  • Your child is connected free of charge until the second calendar year after birth

Yes, but the choice of room does play an important role in the cost of your hospital stay.

  • No room supplements or fee supplements may be charged in a double or multiple-bed room.
  • Room and fee supplements are permitted in a single room.

If you choose a single room, the reimbursement from CM-Hospitaalplan is limited:

  • Room supplements are refundable up to 55 euros per day.
  • Fee supplements are reimbursed up to 100% of the statutory rate. These supplements can be expensive at some hospitals. It is best to check this with the hospital in advance.
  • In addition, a deductible is applied when staying in a single room. The deductible is 175 euros for a day admission and 100 euros for an overnight hospitalization. No deductible is applied in the event of a birth.
  • During the first three years of membership, there is no reimbursement of room and fee supplements for a single room for hospitalizations due to a pre-existing condition or illness. The admission is reimbursed in the same way as hospitalization in a double or multi-bed room. In the case of pregnancy, this applies to the first nine months of connection.

You will receive up to 600 euros for all treatment plans started before the 18th birthday and up to 600 euros for all treatment plans started after the 18th birthday   birthday.

Certainly, CM-Hospitaalfix Extra is an ideal addition to CM-Hospitaalplan or any other hospitalization insurance.

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