Positive impact with IT, that's what you do it for

Go for a healthy career change! Become an ICMT member!

Working as an IT professional at CM. That's not nothing. It is even more than you expect . More than 4.5 million members count on you every day. You do great things with Java and Oracle, among others.

With your technical knowledge, you - together with your colleagues - build applications and flows that contribute to a quality life and good health for all our members.

Our members are always in the back of your mind , in everything you do. You hold our values in high regard and work with head and heart.

Flexibility is paramount . With flexible hours and working from home, you can perfectly coordinate work and private life. This way you manage your energy optimally.

Working as an IT professional at CM is...

  • working for a social organization;
  • creating social impact every day;
  • thinking with your head and heart;
  • working in an agile team.

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