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Reception and directions

CM's national secretariat is located in the Aeropolis. Are you coming by public transport or by car?

The main entrance to the building is at Haachtsesteenweg 579 in Schaarbeek. You can immediately reach the reception desk via the main entrance. Register there. Your contact person will be notified and will guide you further.

Are you coming by train?

The Aeropolis is a fifteen-minute walk from Schaarbeek station.

  • Cross the square at the station and enter the tree-lined Huart Hamoirlaan.
  • Follow Huart Hamoirlaan until past the church. This way you reach the Helmetsesteenweg shopping street.
  • Turn right onto Helmetsesteenweg. After 100 meters you will come across a fruit and vegetable shop on the left.
  • There, turn into Schaarbeekse Haardstraat and follow it until you reach Haachtsesteenweg.
  • On the Haachtesteenweg you turn right and walk through the parking lot into the Aeropolis.

Aeropolis is also easily accessible from Brussels North station by tram or bus.

Are you coming by tram or bus?

The STIB has several stops near the Aeropolis.

  • Tram 55, stop Schaarbeekse Haard. From Brussels North: take tram 55 towards Da Vinci to the Schaarbeekse Haard stop. Walk into the Schaarbeekse Haardstraat and follow it until you reach the Haachtsesteenweg. The Aeropolis is on your right.
  • Tram 7, stop Paul Brien Hospital. Go down past the Stadium Kinetix sports complex. The Aeropolis is located past the roundabout on your left.
  • Bus 66, Kennis stop. From Brussels Central: take bus 66 towards Tol to the Kennis stop. Cross over and follow Dokter Dejaselaan until Haachtsesteenweg. The Aeropolis is right in front of you.

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The Dejaze bus stop of De Lijn is also nearby.

  • Buses 270 towards Keerbergen, 271 towards Kampenhout and 272 towards Haacht all leave from Brussels North. Get off at the Dejaze stop and walk further up the Schaarbeekse Haardstraat until you reach the Haachtsesteenweg. The Aeropolis is on your right.

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Are you coming by car?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for applicants to get a parking space at the Aeropolis. You can park your car in the surrounding streets. Please note, most places have a fee. In some streets a parking card is sufficient.

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