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Covering plasters

A covering plaster or shell with a suction cup is used for children with a lazy eye. The covering plaster covers the good eye to force the child to use the weak eye.

Eye doctor prescription

Request a prescription from your eye doctor and deliver it to a certified optician within six months.

Delivery of covering plaster

The optician will deliver the covering plaster(s) to you within three working days and will apply the paying third party scheme.

If no 3rd payment arrangement

If the optician does not apply the paying third party scheme, you will receive a prescription and certificate of delivery. Complete the section intended for you on the certificate and submit it to CM together with the prescription.


  • There is no refund possible for covering plasters that you buy at the pharmacy.
  • A suction cup shell is only refundable once.
  • Covering plasters are reimbursed up to four times up to the eighteenth birthday provided that the new box is delivered after the previous one has been used up.