Borrowing or purchasing home care aids

You can easily borrow aids from home care stores, pharmacies or Goed's website. The offer consists of the themes 'Living and sleeping', 'Mobility', 'Pregnancy and children', 'Sports and rehabilitation' and 'Allergy and respiratory tract'.

In the Goed thuiszorgwinkel:

  • you get a 35% discount when purchasing certain home care aids;
  • you get a 30% discount when purchasing incontinence material;
  • you will enjoy a 10% discount when purchasing other aids;
  • you can borrow various aids at an affordable rate.

All rental costs in the care room category (hospital bed with accessories, hoist and transfer board) above 250 euros per calendar year will be borne by CM.

The rental rate is charged per month started, starting from the first rental day and regardless of the number of days rented.

  • Large aids can be delivered and collected from home . A fee is charged per journey.
  • Goed requires a guarantee for certain resources.
  • For hygienic reasons, you have to buy small attachments for some products.

Request your aids

Your discount is deducted

You do not have to do anything. The discount on home care aids is automatically deducted.