Material for incontinence and bedwetting

Are you being cared for at home and do you need incontinence material? As a CM member you get a discount.

As a CM member you receive a 30 percent discount on the public price when purchasing incontinence material if you are cared for at home.

The discount applies to:

  • body-related incontinence material that is subject to the reduced VAT rate of 6 percent;
  • non-body-bound incontinence material for single use;
  • stoma and condom catheters for which health insurance does not reimburse;
  • a bedwetting alarm, type Oopsie Heroes Plus (for bedwetting in children);
  • sensor pants with urine alarm (for bedwetting in children).

What should you do?

The discount is immediately and automatically deducted upon purchase in the Goed Thuiszorgwinkel, in some Goed pharmacies or via the webshop.