Volunteers at CM: Healthy neighborhood

CM Health Fund, that means better quality of life for everyone. We want to give people opportunities to make themselves, others and society healthier. As a volunteer you can contribute to this.

Do you dream of a warm and healthy neighborhood?
Do ideas for healthy initiatives come to you spontaneously?
Do you especially enjoy working with others to create a healthy environment?
Are you a thinker or a doer?
Do you have your antennae up and are you picking up on local health needs?
Do you want to put health on the map in your neighborhood?
Do you want to make a difference and make an impact in your neighborhood with concrete actions and activities?

Please contact the CM network coordinator in your area and see together what an engagement within Healthy Neighborhoods can mean in concrete terms.

Would you prefer a one-time commitment?

As a citizen, as a member of an association or organization, do you want to focus on health and welfare themes in your association, neighborhood or municipality?

At www.gezondebuurt.be you will find inspiration and a ready-made range of healthy activities. Organize an activity with the support of CM and improve health in your area. You can also submit your own idea for which you are looking for support.