What to do with the hospital bill?

A hospital invoice always has two parts: a global overview of the costs and a detailed overview.

CM - jouw gezondheidsfonds

A hospital invoice consists of a global overview with a summary of the costs and a detailed overview. Always check the invoice thoroughly before paying.

First page: summary of costs

These are the costs you will be charged, divided into eight categories. Only the sections that apply to you are listed.

  • Accommodation costs
    Costs for your stay such as use of room and bed, meals and nursing care. You only pay a small personal share of the day's stay price. But if you choose a single room, the hospital also charges a room supplement.
  • Flat-rate costs
    The hospital may charge part of the costs per admission with a fixed amount.
  • Pharmacy
    For example for medicines, implants and medical devices.
  • Professional fees
    For doctors and other healthcare providers for whom you have to pay a personal share or supplement. The supplement may only be charged if you choose a single room.
  • Other deliveries
    For example for blood products and plaster materials.
  • Patient transport
    Costs for urgent and non-urgent transport provided by the hospital.
  • Miscellaneous costs
    Non-medical costs such as additional room comfort and requested drinks.
  • VAT on aesthetic procedures
    For example, with a breast enlargement.

The amount to be paid
There may be two account numbers listed: one for the hospital and one for the medical board.

The advance you paid
This amount will be deducted from the total amount you have to pay.

The amount that the hospital charges CM directly

Second page: detail of costs

The costs are divided into three columns.

  • Column 'Charged by the health insurance fund'
    The amounts charged directly to CM.
  • Column 'Charged by the patient'
    The personal share for refunded and non-refundable services and episodes.
  • Column 'Supplements'
    The supplements charged if you choose a single room. You can avoid them by choosing a double room or shared room.