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CM, that is not just any IT employer. Every day we ensure that our 4.5 million members can sleep soundly. That's a lot of people counting on you. And to your team. Because we can achieve unimaginable things together with Java, Oracle and artificial intelligence. With 600 IT colleagues, we are one of the largest IT employers in Belgium.

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CM ICT is innovative
Lots of interesting new technologies and non-stop exciting projects. Double check!

CM ICT is a warm employer
We opt for a human approach, with everyone's participation. You make the difference!

CM ICT is very flexible
Work from home up to four days a week. Flexible working hours. Develop yourself, with room for growth within CM. That's possible here!

CM ICT is impactful
As a health fund, we aim for added value for society through easier services thanks to digitalization and automation. In short, meaningful work!

IT challenges with impact, balance and initiative

CM's ICT event

Last June in Brussels. CM's ICT event. So actually an ICMT event. But above all: a happy reunion and new meetings with colleagues. Plus a good portion of artificial intelligence and virtual reality to enjoy connecting with. Will you be there next time, as our new colleague? #ICMTjobs

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Elisabeth, Functional Analyst | CM ICT

Enjoying a breath of fresh air on her electric bicycle, the ultimate relaxation for our colleague Elisabeth. And she recharges from her job as a Functional Analyst. After she parked her trusty two-wheeler safely and took a refreshing shower. Yes, CM really has everything covered. #ICMTjobs

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Simon, Service Delivery Manager | CM ICT

Simon started at CM in 2012 as a Functional Analyst, he progressed to Functional Specialist in 2019 and a few years later he took his chance as Deputy Service Delivery Manager. Last year he evolved further to Service Delivery Manager.

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