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Movement triangle

For a healthy lifestyle it is important to exercise enough, sit less and stand up more. Use the movement triangle to get started.

Sit still for less time and move more

Moving is healthy. It is also crucial that you do not sit still for too long at a time.

Regularly break long periods of sitting by standing up or walking around .


Do you often sit still for long and uninterrupted periods? Get rid of that gradually. Start by standing up and walking regularly - if possible every half hour.

Do you also not exercise much? Introduce movement into your life step by step. Any bit of exercise is better than nothing.

Go for a healthy mix every day

Make it a habit to alternate between sitting, standing and moving.

Try to exercise lightly during your tasks for most of the day, for example by walking at work.

In addition, exercise a bit every day at a moderate intensity : for example, take the bike to work.

If you add a weekly portion of high-intensity exercise to the mix, you are playing the health card to the fullest. Don't forget to train your muscles weekly to strengthen them.

Vary where you move and sit less

Keep your eyes open for opportunities to sit less and move more. Don't limit yourself to your free time, but also think about when you are on the road or at home and when you are at your desk or at school.

Trade less healthy choices for healthy habits

Do you often sit still for a long time? Get up from your chair regularly and stand up for a moment or take a walk. Or choose a different form of exercise : go cycling instead of surfing online, for example.

Is sitting still not the problem for you, but do you want to become more active and fitter ? Then switch up a gear: replace daily light-intensity activities with moderately intensive activities. Don't stroll any longer, but take a firm step.

Feel good

Do you alternate sitting, standing and moving in your daily life? That leaves you with a good and fit feeling .

But those first steps are difficult, just like persevering. Therefore, think of a reward for yourself that suits your healthy lifestyle. For example, plan a fun outing with family or friends. Give yourself a pat on the back after a healthy day.

And above all: choose something you enjoy doing and with full conviction .

Think ahead and plan

Make deals with yourself and others. That makes it easier for many people to actually sit less and move more.

Build your plan as follows:
• What are you going to do? e.g. watch less television and walk more
• Where are you going to do it? e.g. at home and in the residential area
• When are you going to do it and for how long? e.g. every Saturday afternoon for fifteen minutes
• Who helps you with this or do you do it alone? Exercising together is motivating and more enjoyable. Especially as a family: this is how you encourage your children and set a good example.

Think in advance about possible difficulties and look for solutions. For example, pack rain gear for a bike ride when it is cloudy.

Adjust your environment

Arrange your environment so that you first reach for a healthy choice . And make it difficult for yourself to choose a less healthy option.

You can sit still for less time and encourage more exercise. For example, put your walking shoes and jacket at the front of the closet, so that they are less likely to be stolen on the day of your walk.