Register for the CM panel

Do you have something to say about our services and assistance or about our communication? Or would you like to share your thoughts about new ideas we have? Then register for the CM panel.

The CM panel?

The CM panel is a group of assertive people who occasionally want to express their opinion about what we are doing as a health fund.

Several times a year CM organizes a group discussion around a specific theme. We invite about ten people from the CM panel each time. Such a conversation can take place both digitally and physically. You decide how often and when you want to participate.

We also occasionally have individual questions that we want an answer to quickly. We will send this to the entire CM panel by email. You choose whether you answer or not.

We want to make our services even stronger with all the opinions and ideas from the various surveys.

Who can register?

  • You can express yourself fluently in Dutch.
  • You can get involved digitally.
  • You do not have to be a CM member.

CM puts together the most diverse CM panel possible from all applications.

Not for nothing

The enthusiasm and insights of the panel members are valuable to us. And we would like to give something in return.*

  • 30 euros per hour (with a maximum of 60 euros) for participation in a physical conversation
  • 15 euros per hour (with a maximum of 30 euros) for participating in an online conversation.

For the individual questions that you occasionally receive, we always raffle five Colruyt voucher worth 15 euros among the participants.


Fill in the form. We will let you know soon.


* To be entitled to reimbursement, CM expects you to be present at the interview from start to finish.