Beware of phishing. CM never sends you e-mails with requests to alter your personal details. How can you spot a fake e-mail?


There are fake emails in circulation in which scammers ask you - allegedly in CM's name - to update certain information in your CM profile. Ignore this. Always check whether the messages you receive actually come from CM.

How do you recognize fake emails?

Check the sender

✅ CM always sends emails with a sender ending in '' or ''.

Other senders are to be trusted. For example:

Check the link WITHOUT clicking on it

A fake email often asks you to update your personal information by clicking on a link. Check the link by pointing to it without clicking .

✅ CM will always refer you in emails to, or

Other sites are to be trusted. For example:

  • ❌
  • ❌

Emails with a link that does not point to the CM site:


What to do if you are not sure?

Fake emails capitalize on uncertainty. Are your details still correct? Change them before it's too late... Scammers do this to get you to click on the fake link in the email. Do you still want to check your data?

  • Go to the CM site with the URL and log in to your profile to check your details there.
  • Contact CM and request information about the email.


What should you do if you notice that your data has been leaked?

It is impossible to have your data disappear from the internet again. What you can and should do quickly is immediately change the passwords you used on the affected platforms. If you use the same password in different places, which we strongly advise against, you will need to change it in all those places. From now on, use two-step verification wherever possible.