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Active bandages

Active bandages are special and expensive dressings that create a favorable, moist environment so that a wound heals faster.

Patients with chronic wounds treated at home are entitled to a 20 percent reimbursement of the purchase price of active bandages thanks to their health insurance.

You immediately pay less when you purchase. The pharmacist will settle the reimbursement upon presentation of your electronic identity card or ISI+ card.

Important: The amount that remains your responsibility will be counted towards the maximum invoice .

Ask your doctor for a form

Your doctor is supposed to send this application form directly to the CM's advising doctor.

The approval is valid for a maximum of three months and can be renewed three times.

After 1 year: possible extension

After one year of treatment, approval can be renewed every three months (or for a maximum of one year in the case of junctional or dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa). A medical specialist must request this.