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Babysitter for sick children

Is your child suddenly ill and do you have to go to work? Don't worry, CM will provide a solution and organize care for sick children up to 12 years old at your home. This is up to the age of 21 for children with a disability or long-term illness.

You pay 5 euros per hour for the first nine babysitting hours per babysitting day (1.75 euros per hour if you are entitled to an increased allowance).

Do you need more than nine hours of babysitting per day? Then the above rate does not apply and you pay 20 euros per started babysitting hour (10 euros per started babysitting hour if you are entitled to an increased allowance).

The babysitting is done by a qualified employee and is possible:

  • every working day (from Monday to Saturday) from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.;
  • for a minimum of four hours and a maximum of eleven hours per day;
  • for a maximum of five working days per child per illness.

Make your request

Submit your request on weekdays before 1 p.m. for a babysitter the following working day (no guarantee during peak periods). If requested after 1 p.m. or on Saturday, babysitting is possible from the second following working day.

You can request a babysitter via this form or by telephone on 078 05 01 09 (standard telephone rate).

CM confirms your request

Sometimes the demand for babysitters exceeds our supply, so we cannot guarantee a babysitter for every request .

Your request will only be in order after confirmation by CM (by telephone or email).

Complete an information sheet

To make the babysitting experience as smooth as possible, complete an information sheet at the start about your child's habits, medication and nutrition. The sitter brings this. You can also download the sheet and complete it before the babysitter starts.

Extra information

The home babysitter for sick children is eligible for a tax credit. The deductible amount for income year 2023 (tax year 2024) is a maximum of 15.70 euros per babysitting day per child. The tax certificate will be sent to you automatically.

Tasks and profile of the sitter

The home sitter:

  • is qualified and has basic competencies with regard to child care;
  • offers shelter and care for the sick child;
  • may not perform household or nursing duties;
  • can warm up food and/or provide assistance with eating in consultation with the parents;
  • has a blank extract from the criminal record in application of Article 596.2;
  • has been vaccinated (hepatitis B):
  • has a neat appearance;
  • respects the applicant's privacy and religious beliefs;
  • refrains from alcohol, smoking or prohibited substances before and during the assignment.

What if you cancel or change the babysitter?

  • If you report a change or cancellation of the babysitter by telephone before 12 noon on the working day prior to the babysitter, you will not pay a contribution for the canceled day(s) or hours.
  • If you cancel after 12 noon or on the day of the scheduled babysitter, you pay for the requested hours. If you cancel in time, we can still deploy the babysitter elsewhere and therefore give an opportunity to other parents with sick children who are on the waiting list.