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Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is done by placing a breast implant or by using your own tissue (skin, fat, muscle) taken from other parts of the body. You will receive reimbursement from your health insurance for breast reconstruction.

Health insurance

Breast reconstruction is fully reimbursed if you choose a double room or shared room. Supplements are only charged for a single room. Neither the doctor nor the hospital can force you to choose a single room.


Breast reconstruction using your own tissue usually takes place in three phases within one year (if there are no complications).

  • maximum 3,547.73 euros for one breast;
  • maximum 5,390.97 euros for two breasts.

  • maximum of 785.95 euros after reconstruction of one breast in phase 1;
  • maximum 914.60 euros after reconstruction of two breasts in phase 1;
  • maximum of 392.97 euros for any additional remodeling.

During remodeling it is possible that a breast implant will still be placed. The implant is included in the remodeling, the implant is not. Nipple reconstruction is also included.

  • maximum 111.58 euros for one breast;
  • maximum 223.16 euros for two breasts.

This is done under the supervision of or by the plastic surgeon.

  • maximum 962.87 euros.

This is a mandatory revision within 7 days following the microsurgical transplantation of tissue (phase 1).