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Long Covid care process

Anyone who, 12 weeks after a positive test or first symptoms of a Covid-19 infection, still experiences complaints linked to Covid-19 and has a visible impact on daily life, may be eligible for compensation within a care program.

A care pathway is an agreement between the patient, his GP and the specialized healthcare providers involved in the treatment. The doctors have regular consultations about the patient's treatment. This results in optimal coordination and follow-up of care.

Your doctor makes the diagnosis

Your GP starts the care process

This is done in consultation with you as a patient. There are two kinds:

  • with - in addition to your GP - one more healthcare provider (physiotherapist, speech therapist, psychologist, neuropsychologist or occupational therapist);
  • with multiple healthcare providers (combination of physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychological care, dietician or occupational therapy).

Characteristics of care process

You do not have to pay anything for the specific benefits of this process. No supplement can be charged and you do not have to pay a co-payment for most benefits.

A co-payment is charged for certain physiotherapy treatments and psychological consultations.

The program runs for six months and can be extended once for another six months. The care process is regularly evaluated after consultation between the healthcare providers involved and the treatment plan is adjusted if necessary.

Good to know

  • The care process follows a specific treatment plan that is based on your personalized goals as a patient. So you can discuss this with your doctor. The plan is regularly evaluated and can be adjusted during the process where necessary and after consultation.
  • A care coordinator is appointed within the team of care providers. This could be the GP or one of the other healthcare providers within the process. The care coordinator is responsible for the coordination, follow-up and adjustment of the treatment plan, and listens to your wishes and personal objectives as a patient. It is also the care coordinator who is responsible for ensuring that you as a patient have all the information available. The care coordinator can delegate tasks.
  • Have you started your care process with one type of care provider (monodisciplinary treatment), but do you still need a different care provider? Then you can continue the care process in a multidisciplinary manner.
  • For treatments that fall outside the long covid care process, a co-payment or supplement may be charged, even if these are treatments for the same diagnosis and with the same care provider. For example, a physiotherapist cannot pay for the first 18 sessions within the care process.