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Confidential advisor and representative for medical matters

As a patient you may be assisted by a confidential counselor or representative. Through a health care proxy, you designate one or more people who will ensure that you receive all necessary care if you become ill.

Confidential advisor

The confidant is a family member, friend or other person who has been designated by you to assist you with:

  • obtaining information about your health status;
  • inspecting your patient file or obtaining a copy thereof;
  • filing a complaint.

You can appoint a confidential counselor using the 'Appointment of a confidential counselor' form.

Important: A confidential counselor should not be confused with a representative who stands up for your rights if you are unable to do so.

What is a confidential counselor? Kathleen tells her story.


If you are an adult, the representative is an adult who will exercise your rights on your behalf if you are no longer able to do so (e.g. because you are in a coma or are a person with dementia).

If you have not appointed a representative or your appointed representative does not act, your administrator will exercise your rights. This is appointed by the justice of the peace.

  • If there is no administrator authorized to represent you, your cohabiting spouse or your legal or de facto cohabiting partner will be considered your representative.
  • If you live alone or your cohabiting partner does not want to do this, you will be represented by an adult child, a parent or an adult brother or sister.
  • In the absence of these persons or if these persons do not want to do this or if there is a conflict between several possible representatives (e.g. between adult children), the care provider will represent your interests after consultation with colleagues.
  • For minors, the parents or guardian act as representative. However, the minor is involved as much as possible in the exercise of his rights and can sometimes even exercise them independently.

Are you unable to exercise your rights? A representative will help you. The different options are listed.

Healthcare proxy

Before March 1, 2019, a healthcare power of attorney was only possible to manage your assets. Since then, you can also use this health care proxy for decisions about you.

Through the health care proxy, you designate one or more people who will ensure that you receive all necessary care if you become ill. They ensure that your rights as a patient are respected.

1. You can draw up the healthcare proxy yourself or have it done by a notary.
2. To have effect, the healthcare proxy must also be registered. This is done via the notary who drew up the healthcare power of attorney.
3. Did you draw up the health care proxy yourself? This is then done via the registry of the Justice of the Peace .

The registration costs are 18.15 euros. If you revoke or revoke the healthcare proxy, you must also register the end of the healthcare proxy, for which a rate of 18.15 euros again applies.