Personal alarm

Want to live independently at home for as long as possible? With the personal alarm, help is always within reach.

Pressing the button on the personal alarm puts you in touch with an employee of the Gerust care center.

CM gives a discount to people with supplemented refunds at Gerust of:

  • a personal alarm: 5 euro discount per month (via landline) or 3 euro discount per month (via SIM card);
    • from December 1, 2023*: 5 euro discout per month (for landline as well as SIM card);
  • an extra transmitter for a personal alarm: 2.50 euro discount per month (via landline or SIM card);
  • a mobile personal alarm: 3 euro discount per month;
  • smart extensions to a personal alarm: 2.50 euro discount per month per extension;

You will also receive a discount of 20 euros on the first installation cost. Prices, including the rental of the device and Gerust's services, can be found here.

Request personal alarm from Gerust

Request your personal alarm via the website of Gerust. Gerust takes care of all support and services.

You don't have to do anything else

The payment is automatically settled when Gerust collects the rent monthly.

* Subject to approval by the Health Insurance Fund Control Service.