Transport dialysis

Compulsory health insurance reimburses transport costs to and from the dialysis center.

Health insurance will reimburse your travel expenses to and from the dialysis center each time you receive dialysis there. Even with home dialysis, you will receive a refund for each time you visit the control center for a consultation.

  • Public transport : full refund (second class)
  • Other means of transport : 0.32 euros per kilometer, without limitation on the number of kilometers

What should you do?

When moving in a group, you will be picked up at home together with a number of other patients and returned with the same vehicle.

  • The patient who lives or stays furthest from the center completes the application form: application form for travel expenses for dialysis in a group.
  • The other patients are also entered on the form.
  • The patient who lives furthest away provides the completed application form to CM. The reimbursement is then divided among the various patients.