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Urgent patient transport

Urgent patient transport is not free. How much is charged?

The costs charged for deploying the 112 service, the MUG or a helicopter are determined by law.

70.92 euros will be charged for each urgent intervention by the ambulance after a 112 call.

  • The distance traveled makes no difference.
  • This amount is fully borne by the patient; there is no reimbursement from health insurance.
  • The amount may be charged as soon as the ambulance arrives on site. Whether or not the patient is transported to the hospital does not matter.
  • No additional costs may be charged.

The 112 call center can decide to send out a team from the Medical Urgency Group (MUG) in addition to an ambulance when a person's health condition is life-threatening.

No mileage allowance (or other costs) may be charged for sending out the MUG. The emergency physician's services will be included on the hospital invoice.

The fee for medical assistance by an emergency physician during a MUG intervention is fully reimbursed by the health insurance. Other technical services may also be fully charged to CM, but for some you pay a small share yourself.

When the 112 call center dispatches a helicopter from Bruges or Liège, the number of kilometers traveled is calculated for all routes:

  • from the helicopter base to the place of intervention;
  • from the place of intervention to the hospital;
  • from the hospital back to base.

The distance is not calculated as the crow flies but according to the kilometers as a road route :

  • 68.34 euros for the first ten kilometers;
  • 6.82 euros per kilometer from the eleventh kilometer;
  • 5.22 euros per kilometer from the twenty-first kilometer.

You may be charged 64.86 euros for the use of an external defibrillator.

The health insurance reimburses half of the costs. To do this, provide the invoice for the helicopter to CM.

CM pays part of the transport costs for non-urgent patient transport.