Less mobile people who cannot use public transport due to a physical and/or psychological disability can count on the volunteers of the CM-Mobiel service.

Non-urgent patient transport of less mobile people to medical treatment or for social reasons , that is what CM-Mobiel stands for.

This can be about:

  • consultation in hospital
  • appointment with the doctor or physiotherapist
  • hairdresser visit
  • visiting family in hospital
  • transportation to a day center

Request transportation

Do this at least four working days in advance at the Zorglijn. This can be done by telephone. For example, if you need transportation on Friday, you must request it at the latest on Monday, before 5 p.m.

Medical transport has priority

Transport always depends on the availability of the volunteers. If there are not enough volunteers, medical transport from CM-Mobiel has priority.

How much do you pay for a ride?

The transport is provided by volunteers at an affordable price for CM members:

  • administration costs of 1.50 euros per trip;
  • mileage allowance * of 0,4265 euros per kilometer driven (from the volunteer's place of departure);
  • waiting allowance of 3 euros if the volunteer waits on site for more than one hour. The driver can also drive home in between if he or she is on site for more than one hour, the kilometers driven will be charged.

* The adjustments for the kilometer allowance are in accordance with the actual kilometer allowance determined by the federal government service Policy and Support.

Important :

  • The volunteer does not perform any nursing actions.
  • Transport of people receiving oxygen therapy or having an IV is not possible.
  • For minors, a supervisor must accompany them and parents must provide a high chair if this is legally required.

Extra information

  • A foldable aid can be taken in the volunteer's car.
  • For series transport oncology and kidney dialysis you can go to non-urgent patient transport .