Social movement

What does CM mean as a social movement?

CM is a dynamic social movement, supported by more than 70,000 volunteers . They are mainly involved in boards, associations (Samana, Kazou ...) and in home care. The tens of thousands of volunteers lend a helping hand, bring human warmth and are the pulse of the organization.

As a branch of, the network of Christian employee organizations, CM contributes to a broader social level.

With numerous initiatives, CM profiles itself as a social movement and health fund .

Various external organizations and projects, such as Te Gek!? and Magenta can count on CM support.

CM also supports foreign projects in Lebanon, Colombia and the Dominican Republic and young mutualistic initiatives in Africa and Eastern Europe. In this way, CM wants to contribute to a more supportive and healthier world by providing technical and financial support to young health insurance funds until they can stand on their own two feet.