What to do in case of medical expenses?

If you have medical expenses, you will receive a 'Certificate for assistance provided'.

CM - jouw gezondheidsfonds

After consultation with or treatment by a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist or other healthcare provider, you will receive a 'Certificate for assistance provided'.

Your certificate proves that you have paid the doctor (or other healthcare provider). You'll need it to get a refund from CM.

Submit the certificate

  • Attach a yellow sticker to each certificate.
  • Attach any referral letter, physiotherapy prescription, etc. to your certificate.
  • Deposit the certificate in a CM mailbox. An envelope is only necessary in the event of an accident or change of bank account number.

General practitioners can also send the certificate directly electronically to CM. Such a digital certificate is the eAttest . You no longer have to provide CM with a certificate yourself.

CM will refund you to your account

  • The refund will be transferred to your account as soon as possible. Refunds for your dependents will also be made to your account, unless their own account number has been registered for them.
  • Have you submitted multiple doctor's notes or certificates (physiotherapy, dental care, etc.) at the same time? Then it is possible that the refund will not be made on the same day.