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Reimbursement of medical expenses

No. No health insurance fund data is stored on your eID or other identification documents. They only serve to read your national register number electronically.

No, your national register number can be read without having to enter the PIN code.

No. The use of the eID within healthcare only applies in Belgium. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can only be used if you are temporarily abroad. She proves that you are okay with health insurance.

Doctor's notes and other certificates of assistance provided are eligible for reimbursement for two years . So you don't have to deliver them to CM every year before New Year's.

Deliver them within two years after the end of the month in which the care was provided. Afterwards they expire and can no longer be refunded.

There are exceptions:

  • in the event of force majeure and subject to approval by the Riziv (e.g. in the event of long-term hospitalization in a coma);
  • if the limitation period was stopped or interrupted by registered letter (e.g. following a seizure of the certificates for a judicial investigation).

For a correct refund, it is sometimes important to immediately submit the certificates for assistance provided to CM. An example of this is orthodontic treatment because strict treatment and reporting periods apply.

Yes, CM issues the ISI+ card free of charge to everyone who is entitled to it. Even if the card is stolen or lost.

Certainly. With the MyGov app of the Belgian federal government you have the option to consult the ISI+ card digitally.

For children's ISI+ cards, it is also possible for both parents to save the card in their MyGov app. This way, both parents have the card in their pocket and you avoid situations where the card is still in the wallet of the parent who is not at the hospital or pharmacy. The app can also be a practical solution for parents who do not live together.

The condition for consulting your child's ISI+ card in the MyGov app is that you are the parent of the child and that you have a Belgian national register number.

The digital ISI+ card is equivalent to the traditional card.

  • Space for your own data . Stick a yellow sticker here. Then all data is immediately correct and CM can process the refund smoothly.
  • Code(s) that represent the performance(s) performed . You can find the description of frequently occurring codes on the rate pages.
  • Box in which the healthcare provider either states the amount paid, or 'yes' or 'no' . 'Yes' means that you paid co-payment; 'no' that you did not pay co-payments. This information is used to keep track of your maximum invoice counter.
  • Receipt where the healthcare provider must note how much you paid. That evidence is for you. Your healthcare provider is not allowed to keep track of it themselves.

Even if you think your certificate is not legible, submit it to CM. If CM cannot process it, she will send a correction document to your doctor.

As soon as we have received the completed form, CM will transfer the refund to your bank account.

You do not have to take someone else's eID with you. It is sufficient to present a yellow sticker or another document stating the national register number of that person.

Do you lose a doctor's note or another certificate for assistance provided? Then you can still receive a refund from CM based on a duplicate.

  • Ask the healthcare provider for a duplicate (double) of the certificate. That is usually not a problem because it concerns a duplicate: the care provider is not charged extra for this. The certificate must clearly state that it is a duplicate.
  • Deliver that duplicate to CM. If you have not yet received the refund, it will be credited to your account. If necessary, CM can mediate to obtain the duplicate.

To prevent loss of doctor's notes, you can ask your GP to use an electronic certificate ( eAttest ).

With a duplicate you can still receive the refund from CM.

  • Ask your healthcare provider for a duplicate of the certificate. This must clearly state that it is a duplicate.
  • Deliver the duplicate to CM. She will investigate whether the services have already been reimbursed and, depending on this, will ensure the reimbursement to your bank account.

If you provide CM with doctor's notes or other certificates for the assistance provided, the reimbursement will be made by bank transfer.

Your account statement contains this information:

  • the number of services reimbursed;
  • the specialization of the care provider (GP, specialist, physiotherapist, etc.);
  • the date of provision;
  • the official rate;
  • the patient's membership number;
  • the references for CM.

Would you also like to receive a payment overview? This can be done easily via the 'My refunds' section or via the My CM app .

When handling the data, CM and your financial institution respect the law on privacy.

The abbreviation isi+ stands for 'Identification Sociale/Sociale IdentIFICie/Soziale Identifizierung'; the plus sign indicates the supplementary nature compared to Belgian electronic IDs.

The card does not contain a chip with personal data. It only serves to identify you at the pharmacist, in the hospital and at certain healthcare providers, so that they can access your health insurance fund data.

While waiting for your ISI+ card, you can present a yellow sticker at the pharmacy, hospital or certain healthcare providers.

Then you must request a new card from CM. While waiting for the new copy, you will receive an ISI+ certificate. This certificate is valid for two months.

The ISI+ card is only issued to children under the age of twelve and persons who are subject to Belgian social security but cannot obtain a valid ID (such as cross-border workers who live abroad and work in Belgium).

In the pharmacy, hospital and certain healthcare providers you must present your electronic identity card (eID), a Kids ID or a Belgian eID for foreigners.

Your pharmacist, hospital or healthcare provider will have access to MyCarenet with your national register number on those IDs. This is a secure network for consulting your health insurance fund details online.

Persons who are subject to Belgian social security but do not have a valid ID (such as some cross-border workers) and all children under the age of twelve receive an ISI+ card from CM. It also contains the national register number, so that the healthcare provider has access to that data.

No. Only children under the age of twelve who live in Belgium will automatically receive the ISI+ card.

Are you covered by Belgian social security and cannot obtain an electronic ID? Then you must request an ISI+ card from CM yourself.

Yes, the use of yellow stickers remains unchanged. Attach them to your doctor's notes and all other documents intended for CM.