What to do during a day admission?

With a day admission, you are admitted to the hospital, but you can leave the hospital the same day (no overnight stay).

CM - jouw gezondheidsfonds

A day admission should not be confused with outpatient care in a hospital. Examples of outpatient care:

  • consultations, examinations (e.g. radiography, scan) or treatments without admission;
  • examinations and treatments in the emergency department.

Leave prepared

  • Always take your electronic identity card or ISI + card and some yellow stickers with you.
  • Make a list of the medications you take at home.
  • Agree with your doctor which medical documents you need to bring with you.
  • Just as with an overnight admission, you must complete and sign an admission statement, read it carefully.

Accommodation costs

  • The hospital receives reimbursement from the health insurance for the costs it incurs (e.g. occupying a bed, using the operating room). You do not have to pay a personal share for this.
  • Unlike an overnight stay, no lump sum reimbursable medicines are invoiced.
  • The same arrangement applies to room supplements as for an overnight stay .

Professional fees

  • Supplementary fees may never be charged in a shared room or double room.
  • If you choose a single room , any doctor may charge additional fees, except:
    • if the patient's health condition requires a single room
    • when admitted to a single room because no other room type is available
    • upon admission to the emergency department or intensive care unit
    • when a child is admitted with an accompanying parent and if the parent has not signed a document expressly requesting a single room.
  • Depending on the treatment, specific lump sums may also be charged.

Medicines and other costs

The medicines consumed are charged per product. You pay it:

  • co-payment for reimbursable medicines;
  • full amount for the non-reimbursable medicines.