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What is Teleblok

Teleblok is there for young students! Our mission? Offer students support and encourage them to seek support. And that has been the case for more than 30 years!

Teleblok supports

A network of friends, parents, sometimes even teachers, is needed to support a young person throughout the student period. But what if there is little network? Moreover, it is not always easy to bring up difficulties with studying if the people around them had a smooth study period or their parents did not study themselves.

Fortunately, students can contact Teleblok. During the examination periods in January and June, Teleblok is the point of contact for students via a free and anonymous chat . Every evening between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. our volunteers offer their listening ear.

Teleblok encourages students to seek support


Teleblok provides interesting content and advice on the CM youth website . There students will find tips and information about everything they may encounter during student life.

Block point actions

Teleblok also helps students during the block by encouraging social study and relaxation. We do this by delivering block boxes to various block points. Here students will find all kinds of tools such as fluorescent markers, study planners and motivation cards.

Occasionally there are also small actions in certain block points, such as distributing fruit or a sports session during the break.

Contact with Teleblok

Do you have questions about how Teleblok works, a possible collaboration or ordering materials? Email to [email protected] .